3328 Tio 2

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  • Titanium Dioxide

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  • Colorant, 발색기능

백색 착색제(White Pigmentary TiO2- Colorant), 불투명화제. (자외선차단제아님.
CI 77891)

Titanium Dioxide – 3328 FCC / USP / EP / BC
The non-toxic and inert nature of Titanium Dioxide leads to it’s use as a colorant and opacifier in the food, drug and
cosmetic industries. Purified grades of Titanium Dioxide are used for the following applications.
Pharmaceuticals – Used as a colorant for ointments, capsules, lotions, creams and various dosage forms.
Cosmetics – Used as a colorant for creams, lotions, powders, eye shadows, lip sticks and other cosmetic
Food – Use is limited to a maximum of 1.0% in coloring foods without standards of identity. It is used as a colorant
and opacifier in foods, beverages, candies, pet and animal foods, etc